Ft. Scott in the Fall

Ft Scott20

We’ve been to Ft. Scott, a restored frontier fort in southeast Kansas, many times, but never in the fall before. Until last weekend.

For months now, we’ve been working seven days a week. With the house remodel, the cattle working area remodel, and just normal farm work, we’ve been so busy we’ve not even taken Sundays off, let alone taken any trips. We’re both burned out. Burned Out.

Last Saturday morning, Harland announced he’d been thinking.

He said, “We’ll work until noon, and then pack our bags and take off.”

“Where?” I asked.

“I haven’t decided yet. Down south somewhere,”  he replied.

Excited to go anywhere, I said, “Ok then!”

Harland went to the farm to get some things done, while I stayed home scurrying around doing housework, and packing. When he returned at noon, we ate lunch, grabbed our bags and hopped into the truck. I was giddy. We were only going to be gone for about 24 hours, but we were getting away and hitting the road, and that’s all that mattered.. No plans, no commitments, no work. It had been so long.

We drove all afternoon, meandering down backroads, looking at fall foliage, and enjoying each other’s company. That night found us 200 miles from home, in a B & B in Fort Scott, Kansas.

The next morning, we rose early, packed up, tip-toed down the stairs and out the door, putting our suitcases into the truck and grabbing our cameras. There was sunrise light to capture, people!  No time to eat breakfast for goodness sake!

We were within walking distance of the old 18th century fort, so off we went. There was no one else up in the town, and the fort buildings weren’t open yet, so we had the place all to ourselves. The sun was just barely up, there was a little mist, a heavy dew, and lovely fall foliage. We went our separate ways exploring, taking pics, reveling in the surroundings.

Let’s go for a stroll, shall we?

Ft Scott18

Ft Scott01

Ft Scott02

Ft Scott03

Ft Scott04

Ft Scott05

Ft Scott06

Ft Scott07

Ft Scott08

Ft Scott09

Ft Scott10

Ft Scott11

Ft Scott12

Ft Scott13

Ft Scott14

Ft Scott15

Ft Scott16

Ft Scott17

Wave at Harland.

An hour or so after we arrived, the park service showed up to raise the flag for the day:

Ft Scott19

and Harland and I went off in search of breakfast.

After we ate, we headed west from Fort Scott, no plans, just driving along…

Stay tuned.

To learn all about Fort Scott, click HERE to go to their website.


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