Fall Color

We haven’t had much color where we live out on the prairie this fall. It’s a hit and miss thing in this part of the country. But in the neighboring towns, there are maple trees everywhere, and they are reliably pretty every year.

All summer long, leaves use the sun to make sugar, which is then stored and used through the winter. While producing sugar, the leaves are green. Leaf color change in the fall is triggered by day length. As the days grow shorter and there is less daylight, the leaves stop producing sugar, and the green color fades. Remaining sugar in the leaves turns red and orange in the sunlight. Other leaf colors like yellow, are present year round, but aren’t visible until the green color fades.

Love the decorative detail of this old Victorian home, and it’s especially pretty framed in bright color.

Do you live in an area where you can enjoy fall color, and if so how is it looking this year?


——–>Up Next Tomorrow: A visit to the little waterfall below the hill.


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